Ashes is a 50 minute work exploring images of death and loss. In Scott's choreography 10 dancers weave, pull, push, lift, and climb, creating a constantly evolving physical presence. Composer Powell’s sound score includes momentary explosions of sounds, minimalistic rhythmic investigations, gradual sonic transformations, and brief vocal interludes.

"Never grasping at clever concepts, theatrical gimmicks or multimedia distractions, phenomenally talented …choreographer Mary Sheldon Scott lets her dance speak for itself. In doing so she allows it a full range of voices, from otherworldly whispers to howls worthy of King Lear." - Brangien Davis, The Seattle Times (October 24, 2005)

"the dancers often work with a fierce determination and arachnid elegance, their long legs twisting through a balletic lexicon while they stalk and slash across the stage." - Sandra Kurtz, Dance Magazine OnLine (November 2005)

West Coast Premiere: Velocity MainSpace Theater, Seattle – 2005
East Coast Premiere: Dance Theater Workshop, NYC – 2006
Tour: Western Washington University/Ving Series – 2005 

Lighting design: Julianne Keenan. 
Costume design: Tasa Gleason.