Kingdom is a 55 minute piece for 6 performers. The word 'kingdom’ evokes myths and fairytales, archetypal journeys containing complex spiritual dimensions, earth’s creatures and the essential elements of earth, wind, fire, and water. Kingdom explores diverse layers of meaning and image illuminated by this compelling word. Kingdom completes a trilogy whose primary themes revolve around the deep imbalance created through man's separation from Nature. The companion works are Natura Abolita (2001) and Praying Mantis (2002). 

“The result is a wild expanse of images, music and movement, sometimes melancholy, sometimes spooky, sometimes funny, but always engaging. Think David Lynch doing a take on Swan Lake for National Geographic.” - Brangien Davis, The Seattle Times

“At times it seems the performers are evloving before our eyes - hurling themselves out of the primordial muck and growing accustomed to their new shapes. Moments of unspeakable grace collapse into herky-jerky flicks and flutters of bodies under the pull of sheer instince....Also delicious is Powell's haunting electronic score.” - Brangien Davis, The Seattle Times

Premiere: On the Boards, Seattle – 2003

Visual & Video Design: Robert Campbell
Lighting Design: Ben Geffen
Costume Design: Lisa deFrance