Locate is an 18 minute work for 9 dancers. Solos, duets, trios, and quartets dominate as the dancers explore means of locating in space and establishing relationships that both impede and support individual investigation. Composer Powell’s electo-acoustic score includes buoyant energy and quiet spatial pointillism that reveals the dancers' effort and the resonance of the space .

"When Ellie Sandstrom – a dancer of powerful technique, knife-sharp execution, and expressive gesture – burst back onto the stage re-outfitted in red, the change was as startling and cinematic as a drop of blood falling on snow. With groups of dancers stretched out to explore air and floor, organically grouping together before falling apart, Scott capitalized on her individual company members' wide-ranging physical traits and abilities." - Suzanne Beal, Seattle Weekly (April 25, 2007)

Premiere: McCaw Hall, Seattle – April 19-21, 2007
Pacific Northwest Ballet's Celebrate Seattle Fesitval

Lighting Design: Randall G. Chiarelli
Costumes: Mary Sheldon Scott