"astonishing work of visual, musical,
and physical art."

- Trey Hatch, The Stranger

Ghost Voices

“Mary Sheldon Scott's intense subterranean journey into things half-remembered set to Jarrad Powell's perfectly-intrusive live score: the way Jessica Kenney babbles into operatic hysteria, cutting into you like a brain-surgeon's knife, unsettling your sanity for extended moments. Or her wave-motion of polished stones cradled up in her dress competing with Powell's sand on a snare-drum surface, slipping you downward into a substratum, a zone of raw feelings. And this sound-space is accentuated by the barren, slyly-lit nocturne zone through which dancers Scott and Ben Warren pace their incremental tug-of-war." - Jae Carlsson, Dancenet

Premiere: Composer/Choreographer 2, On the Boards, Seattle, January 23-25, 1997
Performed by: Jessica Kenney, Jarrad Powell, Mary Sheldon Scott, Ben Warren
Lighting Design: Ben Geffen
Costume Design: Caroline MacMillan, Mary Sheldon Scott