"astonishing work of visual, musical,
and physical art."

- Trey Hatch, The Stranger

or can we fly from here

“As the director of Gamelan Pacifica, composer Jarrad Powell has long been familiar with the warm yet strangely unsettling sounds of Javanese traditional music. In his most recent presentation, a collaboration with choreographer Mary Sheldon Scott, the surreal, dreamlike nature of Javanese folklore is translated into an astonishing work of visual, musical, and physical art. In or can we fly from here, which premiered last month at the Northwest New Works Festival, captivating narration and the ethereal Indonesian-trained singing of Jessica Kenney was illustrated by Scott's psychologically and emotionally charged choreography and Powell's colorful and sophisticated atmospheric music.” - Trey Hatch, The Stranger

Premiere: Northwest New Works Festival, On the Boards, Seattle, April 2-4, 1998
Performed by: Ronly Blau, Jessika Kenney, Juliet Waller, Ben Warren
Lighting Design: Ben Geffen
Costume Design: Lisa DeFrance