"astonishing work of visual, musical,
and physical art."

- Trey Hatch, The Stranger


“Tracing/River/Sand rivets attention. From the first shrill, skewed notes you lose equilibrium. Mary Sheldon Scott stands, her frame like a branch ready to snap, a barely moving axis sectioning a stark landscape. Then she shifts with a shocking abruptness, freezes into an unsettling imbalance, and the floor of reality is swept out from under you. In this dry, psychic netherworld you hear a crackling fire. This is what it takes: a conversation penetrating deep into the caverns of each other's psyche. In the audience you can't avoid the reverberations, they touch so near the core of human experience. In that rarest of rare instances when collaboration does work, it is like Tracing/River/Sand. It is exquisite and magnificent--and harder than steel.” - Jae Carlsson, Reflex

Premiere: Composer/Choreographer 1, Ned Skinner Theater, Seattle – June 24-25, 1994
Performed by: Thomasa Eckert, Mary Sheldon Scott, Jarrad Powell, and Gamelan Pacifica
Lighting Design: Dave Tosti-Lane
Costume Design: Mary Sheldon Scott