"astonishing work of visual, musical,
and physical art."

- Trey Hatch, The Stranger

Past Repertory: when i was afraid

“There are times when a new work is so compelling it seems to shuck off the structure that brought it into being and take on a wild, hybrid life of its own. when I was afraid by choreographer Mary Sheldon Scott and composer Jarrad Powell leaps to vigorous and terrifying life in this way...It is partly Powell's haunting score: water dripping with amplified resonance as if echoing in a cave, wind whistling through pipes, singer Jessica Kenney's vocalizations that veer between lyrical notes and grinding throat sounds. It is partly Scott's risk-all choreography, frantic winding-up motions followed by hanging stillness, an inversion of all classical lines into simian jerks that build to convulsive speed, then revert to length and clarity...Even the seen-it-all downtown, insider dance crowd cheered out loud for this work.” - Mary Murfin Bayley, The Seattle Times

Premiere: Composer/Choreographer 3 - Freehold Theater, Seattle – June 26-28, 1997
Performed by: Juliet Waller and Jessica Kenney
Lighting Design: Ben Geffen
Costume Design: Lisa DeFrance