Vessel is a 50 minute work in two scenes for 8 dancers. Vessel explores a saturated female landscape that flickers between characters, emotions, textures, and shapes. A set by Robert Campbell frames the work, with slender, towering pillars serving as a source of light and a receptacle for abstract video imagery. The music by composer Jarrad Powell incorporates lyrical string-like sounds as well as the transformation of tiny shards of delicate noise into an enveloping ocean of sound.

“Captivating, lovely, and utterly human.” - Brangien Davis, The Seattle Times

“Vessel rumbles like a volcano...there is a considerable degree of heat and seismic activity going on under its surface. These forces slowly build over time, only to burst forth unexpectedly in the most dramatic fashion.” - Jim Demetre, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Premiere: On the Boards, Seattle - Northwest Artist Series – 2004
Tour: Velocity Dance Center, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art TBA Festival, Bumbershoot Festival, On the Boards Northwest New Works Festival, American College Dance Festival.

Visual & Video Design: Robert Campbell
Lighting Design: Ben Geffen
Costume Design: Tasa Gleason & Mary Sheldon Scott